A Fractured Alliance

Any partnership formed between the gods of Chaos stands as one of convenience, not of loyalty; for each of the Dark Gods look to rule absolutely. It was only a matter of time before the uneasy alliance of Tzeentch and Khorne lay shattered and with the age-old hatred shared between The Changeling and Skarbrand that day has come. Now both forces, weapons in hand, turn on each other. Champions, bear witness to the Fractured Alliance!

  • New Campaign – Can you defeat the forces of Tzeentch, the hordes of Khorne and finally their combined might in this epic confrontation. Bring your best decks to this battle, you will need them.
  • Ranked Season Changes – From the end of January onwards, all Ranked Seasons will be one month in length. Face the challenge of ranked monthly! The rewards remain unchanged; the battle for supremacy remains!
  • Unique Fractured Alliance Missions – As the internecine warfare ravages the legions of Chaos and through the magic of Aqshy, these missions provide a challenge worthy of the name.

Additionally, there are a number of minor bug fixes with this update:

  • The Correct Booster Pack Icon will now be shown as the reward for AI Challengers
  • Beat Back will now work correctly in all circumstances
  • Tactical formation will automatically work if there is only one option

An alliance lays divided at the walls of Hammerhal, which side will you choose Champions?

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