Broken Hearts, Lust and Desire

To my undying love…

To mark the passing of this day of Broken Hearts, the Vampire Queen arises from her tomb to challenge you in bittersweet battle. With her beauty matched only by her cruelty, she hungers for you with a longing that cannot be sated save by the surrender of your very heart itself.

The Vampire Queen will present herself as an AI Challenger, capable of melting the coldest of hearts with her loving embrace. To the worthy will go the Queen herself, rendered in a beautifully terrifying card back. Be wary though for her wiles and charms are as double edged as the keenest blade. Her cunning is endless and her thirst, like her beauty knows no earthly bounds.

So when you hear her siren clarion call to battle, steel both heart and soul for the challenge she will present.


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