Champions is coming to PC and Nintendo Switch!

We have news! Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions is bringing the war for the Mortal Realms to Steam PC/Mac and Nintendo Switch!

Starting with Steam on February 19th and the Nintendo Switch in March, this marks the debut for Warhammer Champions on both PC and Consoles. Not only that, but all versions of Warhammer Champions will have full cross-play ability, as well as the ability to link your accounts together. This means that your cards, decks and collectables will all be shared across every platform that you link together!

As such, we wanted to make sure that we did this right, so when the Steam version releases in February, we can confirm that Warhammer Champions will be moving to landscape to fit these new platforms. This change will also apply to the mobile version of the game. We know this is a big change, so we wanted to make sure that we get it right and make sure you Champions are satisfied with the experience, so we will be showing off the digital landscape version in full on Monday 4th February. 

And there’s more news, because of course there is! The Steam version of Warhammer Champions will support card scanning via webcams/laptop cameras. Champions will need to scan cards on their linked Steam or mobile accounts in order to get their physical cards into the Nintendo Switch version. Although, we can confirm that the Nintendo Switch version of Warhammer Champions will launch with full joycon support and the ability to play in docked mode!

With the new Organised Play news, the upcoming card sets and now the new platform releases on the horizon, 2019 looks set to be a big year for Warhammer Champions and we want Champions all over the world to join us on the journey to glory.

Onwards Champions; brave new battles await!

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