Greetings Champions,

Earlier this week, we talked about the immediate future of City Championships and changes to the way prizes at those events will work. Since then, we’ve received a few questions, and we wanted to take the opportunity to expand on and explain this decision a little more.

First up, the City Championship series in stores will continue!

We absolutely intend to continue our support for these local tournaments at gaming stores. The change is that we will no longer be providing the cash prize level we had initially announced. While we continue to support and grow this game, the sign-up for our competitive events are not yet at a level for us to be able to maintain this type of prize support.

After talking to fans at events, we’ve listened and learned, and you‘ve told us that this is a game you want to enjoy in relaxed environments with friends. In light of this, we’re moving our prize support away from cash incentives and towards exclusive rewards, such as ultra-rare cards, founders packs and other money-can’t-buy items – amazing prizes, worthy of our City Champions. There will also be updates on what our plans are for future conventions like UK Games Expo and GenCon in the coming days.

We want to create play spaces where all players can join in and enjoy the game as we’ve seen at events like Pizza and Play, as well as future events like Trial of the Champions in June and our on-going Blood and Glory series. We’re also bringing you Warband 2 featuring Eyes of the Nine and Zarbag’s Gitz is still launching digitally and physically soon, and we still want to bring more to you going forward.

Finally, to those stores running City Championships who we didn’t manage to contact before our messaging went out, we’re sorry and we’d love the opportunity to talk to you about the new event prizing and other future Warhammer Champions events.

We hope that this clears up most of the concerns that you all have, but please continue to reach out to us at if you have any further questions.

Thank you, 

Warhammer Champions

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