Upcoming Update #4: Destruction and Neutral Changes

Da power of da WAAAGH is 'ere, and da boyz is ready to fight! The last of our weekly updates for the upcoming card changes features Destruction and Neutral Changes!

Upcoming Update #3: Chaos Changes

The Chaos gods demand sacrifice! It's week 3 of our weekly update series and it's the turn of the Chaos Grand Alliance, read on to learn more!

Upcoming Update #2: Death Changes and More Reveals!

It's the turn of the eternal ones of the Death Alliance, let's take a look at some of the upcoming balance changes for Death and some further reveals for Warband 3: Seraphon

Upcoming Update #1: Warband 3 Reveals and Order Changes

New changes are coming to Warhammer Champions, today we detail some of the upcoming changes to Order and more Warband 3 reveals!

Warhammer Champions Update – Dec 2019

Read on to see news on upcoming changes to Warhammer Champions

Unleashed is OUT NOW!

The latest Warhammer Champions set has arrived! 188 new cards with new mechanics, races and tactics hit the battlefield today!

Unleashed – Release Date Update

Update from the team regarding the digital release date for Unleashed.

New Unleashed Preview Campaigns – Order

The Daughters of Khaine and many more feature in the first of our Set 4, Unleashed Preview Campaigns!

The Future Direction of Warhammer Champions

The PlayFusion team announce changes to both the Digital and Physical parts of Warhammer Champions.

Organised Play Insights – Tournament Notes

The PlayFusion team tell some tales of the latest tournaments we have attended. Featuring notes from our Organised Play Manager.


In the latest Update for Warhammer Champions, we made changes to the Unique Champion rulings. This post goes into more detail about why this change has happened.

Animated Playmats, Leaderboards and more!

Our latest update brings a ton of new features to Warhammer Champions, read on!


We had an awesome time at UKGE! A huge thank you to everyone who attended, read on for our Top 8 decks from our nationals!

Vortemis The All-Seeing vs Zarbag The Shaman
Warband 2 Out Now!

The Eyes of the Nine battle Zarbag's Gitz in our latest release, Warband 2 - Available now!


Changes to prizing for UKGE and Gencon.

Skulls for the Skull Throne!

For the first time, Warhammer Champions brings you a full new 10 stage adventure campaign with challenges, rewards and a brand new story.

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