Earlier this week, we talked about the immediate future of City Championships and changes to the way prizes at those events will work.

Patch Notes – 07/05/19

Card changes, ranked reward improvements and gem price reduction for boosters.

Card Changes and Rewards Update – 03/05/19

Reward and Card Changes Update. These changes will take effect both in the digital game and in physical events from Tuesday, 7th of May.

Nintendo Switch – Warhammer Champions arrives!

Warhammer Champions has made its way to Nintendo's Flagship Console!

Our Single Player Adventure: Realm Trials

Our new gigantic Single Player Adventure has launched; can you endure the Realm Trials?


Savagery brings 152 new cards to Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions.

Champions is coming to Nintendo Switch – April 16th!

The Nintendo Switch version of Warhammer Champions arrives April 16th, and news on Realm Trials!

Announcing our Massive $100k Cash Prize Pool!

We're proud to announce our Competitive Series: City Championships and Event Championships. Take part in our biggest ever competitions around the world!

Warbands – Into The Light

As the Cursebreakers continue their hunt, the Briar Queen unleashes Hammerhal's dark past.

Adepticon 2019

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions is Expanding the War to Adepticon

The Prequel to Savagery Campaigns!

Try the untamed, raw power of Savagery in 4 new campaigns, starting tomorrow!

Developer Update – Arena of Echoes 14/03/19

Reward update to Arena of Echoes.

Localization Plans 13/03/19

News regarding developing the structures to create localized versions of Warhammer Champions.

Our Epic Update is Here!

The Arena of Echoes, Warband, Champions Pass and MORE in this bumper sized update!

Upcoming Features and Changes

We have a wealth of new features and changes coming to Warhammer Champions, and we wanted to share some of them with you!

Warbands – Into Darkness

Far below the streets of Cinderfall, something lurks in the darkness.

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