Warband is Coming!

Witness the power of the upcoming Warband Pack with our Precursor Campaigns!

Landscape and Steam Update

The moment you've all been waiting for, Landscape and Steam versions of Warhammer Champions are now live!

Broken Hearts, Lust and Desire

During this dark time when broken hearts are in the mist, the Vampire Queen seeks to feed her hunger!

Skarbrand and Stacking Changes

From community feedback and testing we have decided to implement some changes moving forward.

Prepare for Savagery with our First Strike Event!

Introducing the Savagery Pre-Release Event: First Strike is on 30th and 31st March!

Champions is coming to PC and Nintendo Switch!

The Landscape has changed as Warhammer: Champions makes its way to Nintendo Switch and PC

Warband Wednesday – The Briar Queen and Averon Stormsire

The vengeful Mirrorghast Banshee and the stalwart leader of the Cursebreakers. Our first reveal for the upcoming Warband set - The Briar Queen and Averon Stormsire.

A Fractured Alliance

At the walls of Hammerhal, the alliance of Tzeentch and Khorne shatters. Play A Fractured Alliance now!

Introducing Warband and Savagery

The next card releases for Warhammer Champions have been revealed. Warband and Savagery are coming!

Warhammer Champions Organised Play for 2019

Prepare for a year of bloody battles and grueling tournaments all for Blood and Glory!

Fists of Winter – Conclusion

With the vicious Ogors of the Sovanheng Alfrostun preparing to attack Hammerhal, learn more about the war before it begins.

Fist of Winter Event Details

Learn more about Comets, how you can earn them and further details about the Fist of Winter!

The Fists of Winter

Frostlord Volgrun Loshar and his Ogor warriors prepare for their attack upon Hammerhal Ghyra, and with it a feast that may finally fill their stomachs.

The Fists of Winter charge towards Hammerhal!

With the Fists of Winter update comes new campaigns, new missions and new rewards!!

Blades in the Night

In the wake of the Shyish Necroquake, something has awoken deep within Hammerhal Aqsha.

Upcoming Patch for Onslaught Weekend Issues

Patch Notes for fixes to bugs reported over Onslaught weekend, and a free gift as a thank you for your support!

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