The Exemplar Program

What is
an Exemplar?

Exemplars are players of passion, courage, and enthusiasm! Exemplars seek out and extend the hand of friendship to new, like minded champions and bring them into the Warhammer Champions community.

They teach and train new players the game and help create amazing experiences such as grand in-store battles amongst fellow champions.

Anyone can become an Exemplar provided they embody the core ideals of the Exemplar Program and help to build a community that remains friendly, inclusive and welcoming.

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The ways
of The Exemplar?

Exemplars, like all great champions, must lead their fellow recruits with an attitude befitting a champion. The proper footing is essential in battle, and as a representative of Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions, you will need to be able to uphold your own reputation and also the reputation of the game.

Any true Exemplar should meet the following high standards…

  • Hold a passion for the world of Champions.
  • Be reliable.
  • Be friendly and respectful of others even during potential disagreement.
  • Embrace teamwork.
  • Be a confident problem solver.
  • Be inclusive and always create a welcoming environment.

Vexillor or Heraldor?

Both Vexillors and Heraldors hold essential roles within the Champions community, though either do so in their own way.

A Vexillor may be content creator, regular forum posters or community members active as an ambassador on other social channels. They are friendly and helpful members of the community who look to spread knowledge and passion for the game whenever they can.

A Heraldor must possess a deep knowledge of the game’s rules and take it upon themselves to lead demonstration events at stores and introduce new players to the game. Some Heraldors may even be called upon to help run tournaments and Organized Play events! Becoming a Heraldor is not for the faint of heart as to do so involves demonstrating your game knowledge in a ruling test.

Exemplar Points

Though Exemplars take up their position in the front line for the love of the game, Exemplar Points are tangible medals of honor awarded to thank these individuals for their immense dedication and determination.

Exemplar Points can be awarded for a variety of reasons, ranging from running demo days and assisting at tournaments through to outstanding demonstrations of community spirit and assisting at Premier Events.

Exemplar Points are valuable and can be exchanged for a variety of exclusive rewards including pin badges, playmats, t-shirts, and hoodies. You can see what your Exemplar points earn you here. Wear them with pride!

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