Unleashed Card Reveal

Grot-Flingin' Troggoth

Devotee of Khaine

Mannfred, Hate-Filled Hunter

UNLEASHED: Mannfred, Mortarch of Night

Heart Piercer Daemonette

Shaman Zigsnak

Gnashing Squigs

Horrific Fiend

Ravenous Zombies

Stinking Fellwater Troggoth

Striking Blood Sister

Born of Damnation

Ghoulish Feast

Spore Maws


Forgotten Arts

Morathi, High Oracle

UNLEASHED: Morathi, Shadow Queen

Greth the Decrepit

Nagash's Fury

Hungering Crypt Haunter

Frenzied Fervour

Pact of Blood

Fanatic Sacrifice

Prison of the Gods

Deathly Descent

Furious Hag Queen

Zealous Witch Hag

Triumphant Slaughter Queen

Arnzipal's Black Horror

Bloodthirsty Witch Aelves

Frenzied Witch Aelf

Mutilating Witch

Sinister Sister of Slaughter

Boundless Ferocity

Feed on Dark Magic

Twilight's Allure

Halls of the Dead

Vampiric Descent

Death Unabated

Grotesque Varghulf Courtier

Bloodied Vampire Warlord


Deranged Transformation

Ferocious Hunger

Monstrous Vigour

Vile Transference

Grim Crypt Flayer

Necromantic Vampire

Snapping Ghoul

Slaaneshi Lord on Daemonic Steed

Excessive Worship

Disruptive Song

Impossibly Swift

Mark of Slaanesh

Performance of Pleasure

Keeper's Challenge

Dance of Decadence

Grotesque Allurer

Viceleader, Herald of Slaanesh

Hellflayer Bladebringer

The Masque

Cacophonic Choir

Hysterical Frenzy

Song of Secrets

Masochistic Fiend

Fleet-Footed Seeker Chariot

Graceful Daemonettes

Hellscourge Strider

Sensuous Daemonettes

Tormented Hellstrider

Rraine, Champion of Slaanesh

UNLEASHED: Rraine, Prince of Hedonism

Korpz, Moon-Touched Maniac

UNLEASHED: Korpz, Mangler Squig Maniac

Victory Feast

Ghastly Feast

Vicious Abhorrant Archregent

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