Warband 2 Overview

The Moon-Crazed
Realm of Ghur

The Bad Moon looms high above the realm of beasts, and with its haunting glow comes a deep-set insanity which threatens to corrupt all in its wake.

As rational judgment is extinguished from the land, and war rages on every flank, those already held in the clutches of madness look to advance their position and tighten their jaws upon the realm.

Now, as the Bad Moon presents its jagged sneer once more, Vortemis the All-Seeing and The Eyes of the Nine unleash their deadly scheme. However, in the dankest and most foul of caverns, Zarbag and his murderous Gitz prepare to reveal that they are all the most devious of the realm’s inhabitants.

Warband 2 Breakdown

Warband 2 focuses on two new armies for the Chaos and Destruction Grand Alliances, with Zarbag’s Gits and The Eyes of the Nine joining the fray as they battle under the manic glare of the Bad Moon.

One Warband pack will contain the following:

1 x Savagery Booster Pack (Set 3) / 2 x Onslaught Booster Packs (Set 2)
1 x Unique Foil Chaos Champion Card
1 x Unique Foil Destruction Champion Card
1 x Unique Foil Chaos Unit Card
1 x Unique Foil Destruction Unit Card
3 x Chaos Ability Card (1 x Foil)
3 x Destruction Ability Card (1 x Foil)
3 x Chaos Spell Card (1 x Foil)
3 x Destruction Spell Card (1 x Foil)

Each Warband pack will contain 8 cards for both the Chaos and the Destruction Grand Alliances with a guaranteed foil Champion and Unit card, as well as one foil Ability card and one foil Spell card. There are also 2 booster packs of the Onslaught set and 1 booster pack of the Savagery set.

Warband 2 will be available both digitally and physically in stores very soon, which Warband will you side with as the Bad Moon looms overhead?

Warband 2 Cards

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