With the update to Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions digital on June 12th, alongside the addition of Animated Playmats, Realm Trial Leaderboards, and the Player Inbox, a change was made to the deck construction rules. This rule change will affect physical play from August 1st. Formerly you were able to use any combination of Unique Champions in your line up (points permitting of course), so long as you did not use duplicates of any one Unique Champion. Now you are only allowed to run a single Champion with the Unique tag in your line up; this post is going to go into a little bit more depth on why this change has happened.

Currently, all the Unique Champions have a slight power boost balanced into their effects/quests/health modifiers when compared to non-unique Champions. This was for multiple reasons – firstly we know that these Champions couldn’t be used with themselves (something that is also shared with the very high cost Champions), and secondly we want these legendary figures in the Age of Sigmar universe to live up to their legacy. In some cases we’ve hit the mark on making these cards impactful and powerful (Gordrakk, Skarbrand, or Arhan for example) and in others we’ve missed it by a bit (Nagash being a notable one from the first set). There are a few other things we want to do with Unique Champions, on a card by card basis, and so this rules change is not to address anything that is or isn’t broken within the current card pool but is in preparation for future sets.

Moving forward, from the release of the 4th set of Champions, we have taken a look at the way we balance the points cost on Champion cards, and made a few tweaks in particular to Unique Champions (and Wizard Champions – but that’s a story for another newspost). We’re also exploring new mechanics and interactions in both the 4th set and the sets following that we think make the trade off on this rules change worthwhile (and there might be some interesting new ways to allow those Unique Champion team ups coming in the future).

We want to leave you with something to get excited for the future we’ve talked about in this post, so here is a card from the upcoming Set…


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