Our Single Player Adventure: Realm Trials

Now Available; the gigantic new Single Player adventure for Warhammer Champions. Introducing Realm Trials.

Realm Trials takes you through hundreds of stages, battling against Champions with power the likes that have not been seen before. So prepare your decks and march forward, armed with cards and mechanics completely unique to Realm Trials, can you overcome the toughest tests Champions can face in all of the Mortal Realms? Battle well to earn higher scores in each round, and compare your performance to Champions around the world on leaderboards. Muster all of the energy you can, and earn rare and exclusive treasures that are scattered around the Mortal Realms.

Realm Trials is available on both Mobile and Steam versions of Warhammer Champions and is completely free to play; so prepare yourself Champions – Realm Trials is here! 

Here is our launch trailer for Realm Trials to give you a taste for the battles ahead!

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