City Championships

Will you become your City's Champion?

Champions, the battle lines have now been drawn, and 16 Cities are to play host to crucibles of war in our City Championships and now you have the call to war. So bring your very best decks, prepare to defend your city against all-comers and become your City’s Champion!

As part of our new Competitive Series, City Championships will offer some of the toughest competition in Warhammer Champions – but the rewards will be just as mighty.

Here is the prize breakdown:

1st Place – The exclusive chance to help design a brand new Champions card to be used in an upcoming set. 
A new Order Unit, have your say in a brand new Champion? The choice is yours. 
Chat to one of our designers over Skype/ Discord to help create a new card. 
* Please note this will be within reason, and all cards will need to be reviewed before final approvals. 
+ 6 boosters boxes(2 from each Set) + City Championship Trophy & a City Champions Playmat.

2nd Place – An Unnumbered Founders pack – 6 booster boxes (2 from each Set) & a City Champions Playmat.

3rd-4th Place – 4 booster boxes 2 from wave 2, 2 from wave 3, 4 boxes of OP boosters & a City Champions Playmat.

5th-8th Place – 2 boosters boxes from wave 3, 2 boxes of OP boosters & a City Champions Playmat.

And exclusive prizes for each participant!

Entry fee will be $20/£15

UK City Championships

Athena Games, Norwich 18th May

Fire and Dice Games, Middlesbrough 9th June
Fan Boy Three, Manchester 22nd June
Taylored Games, Devon 30th June

ABZ Games, Aberdeen 6th July
Wargames Workshop, Milton Keynes20th July

Click on each store to head to the registration page and prepare to battle for your city Champions!

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