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City Championships

4th May-27th July

Various Worldwide

As part of our new Competitive Series, City Championships will offer some of the toughest competition in Warhammer Champions – but the rewards will be just as mighty. Each City Championship will be contested for a share of massive prizes!

For more information visit: City Championships Page


1st August-4th August

Indiana, IN

Our biggest prize pool of our Competitive Series lands at GenCon. Engage in battles over all 4 days with demos, tutorials and constructed tournaments with huge prizes and exclusive goodies to get your hands on!

For more information visit: Event Registration

Nova Open

29th August-1st September

Washington, DC

Warhammer Champions will be at Nova Open for the whole show, bring beginner demonstrations, competitions and massive tournaments! Join us for our 64 player Nova Championships spanning the whole event!

For more information visit: Event Registration

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