Organised Play

What is
Organised Play?

Organised Play helps you forge friendships and alliances with like-minded warriors while developing new strategies; and taking part in legendary battles through local, regional and national competitive tournaments.

Bringing together champions of all ages and skill levels, Organised Play creates the ideal, welcoming environment for their shared passion, tactics and friendly rivalry for the Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions Social Card Game.

Competing in Organised Play allows you to earn Champion Points, which can be used to earn exclusive rewards in the digital version of Warhammer Champions. A full breakdown of Champion Points, how to earn them and what they will earn you can be found here.

Organised Play takes many forms in Warhammer Champions, and one of our unique spins on Organised Play is our new Blood and Glory Series, which is set to begin on March 1st. You can find a list of local Blood and Glory events on our Event Calendar!

Get Involved

Many hobby stores host Organised Play events where everyone can take part in skirmishes against other worthy champions to win exclusive rewards. Stores also draft the first line of enlistment in regional tournaments, where the victors will receive prizes and earn the prestige of representing their local community through entry to the National championships!

Only the most hardened champions will find their place upon the national stage, where they will take part in legendary battles, the likes of which the Mortal Realms have never seen before; all in the hope of being crowned National Champion.

To find out more about Organised Play, visit your local hobby shop or use our Store Locator.

If you are a new store looking to run events with our Organised Play kits, please click here to register.

Registering your store to our website is a great way to promote your store. Being added to our Store Finder will help new players find you, and running player events with our Organised Play kits is a great way to keep established players coming back to your store.

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