Organised Play

What is Organised Play?

So, what is Organised Play? It’s where you can meet and battle fellow Champions at locations all over the world, from your local hobby shops to local conventions to our Competitive Series! Organised Play is the best way for new Champions and experienced warriors alike to enjoy all manner of modes in Warhammer Champions, while also waging war for exclusive prizes!

How do you get started with Organised Play? Well…demo days of course! Local Hobby Stores host demo days on a regular basis and this is a great training ground for future Champions, pick up a Starter Deck from your favourite Grand Alliance and begin building the deck that will conquer the Mortal Realms! So head to our Store Locator and find a store that stocks Warhammer Champions near you!

Not only that, but by competing in Organised Play you will earn Champion Points, which can be used to earn exclusive rewards in the digital version of Warhammer Champions. A full breakdown of Champion Points, how to earn them and what they will earn you can be found here. You can find your nearest Organised Play events by heading to our Events List!

You will find a full list of our Casual Events and our new Competitive Series below, so read on Champions!

For All Champions: Casual Events

Our Casual Events are designed for Champions of all skills levels to battle in. Your local hobby stores will bring battles of all shapes and sizes for you to engage in, with unique and rare prizes to be earned at every single one. Take to the tabletop and fight for supremacy in our Casual Events, find out more below!

The Blood and Glory Series is a brutal league format where Champions compete in battles to climb the ranks of their local store’s Blood and Glory league table. Drop in anytime and challenge all comers for supremacy to earn special prizes and local glory each month. Read more about Blood and Glory here!

Our First Strike Events are our prerelease events that run a week before each set. This is your chance to get your hands on the latest set before anyone else and craft new strategies for the bloody battles that will await in the coming season. By taking to the battlefield in First Strike events, each participant will receive an exclusive Rainbow Foil promo card that can only be earned at that event, and never again – and whomever wins the First Strike tournament will take home an ultra-rare playmat. Champions, will you land the First Strike on your foes?

Then undertake the Trial of the Champions with your very best constructed decks to win spoils and take home the ultimate glory. After each set releases, stores all over the world will play host to Champions from all over the Mortal Realms bringing their best decks to battle for never-before-seen prizes. Read more about Trial of the Champions here!

For Battle-Hardened Veterans: Competitive Series

And for those truly battle-hardened Champions, we have our new Competitive Series where you can earn ultimate glory!

Starting on the May 4th at Millenium Games in Rochester NY, we will be hosting an initial 18 City Championships. This initial season will have 12 events in the US and 6 in the UK.

Take the fight to the table and take home incredibly rare prizes! Bring your best decks Champions, you will need to be at your best to win these events.

The PlayFusion Companion App

The PlayFusion Companion App – the ultimate ally for all your Trading Card Game needs. Whether you are new to the world of Tabletop gaming, an experienced player or a store owner, the PlayFusion Companion App provides the perfect tool to manage your TCGs.

You can search for, sign-up to and participate in Organised Play events all over the world. At these events you’ll be able to check rules, reference the card libraries, manage health totals, view tournament details and find everything else that you need to be equipped with for the best TCG experience.

Once you’ve attended an event, you’ll be able to see live rankings, your Champion Points earned and compare your results with other tournaments happening worldwide!

Find out more about the PlayFusion Companion App here, or alternatively you can find links here to the Google Play Store and the App Store! Unlock the true potential of Organised Play!

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