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The New PlayFusion Companion App

People are playing more games than ever before. Playing with friends, family and sharing new experiences with players all around the world. Our goal is to make playing games easy, fun and dynamic!

Introducing the PlayFusion Companion App – the ultimate ally for all your Trading Card Game needs. Whether you are new to the world of Tabletop gaming, an experienced player or a store owner, the PlayFusion Companion App provides the perfect tool to manage your TCGs.

A Player’s Path to TCG Domination

As a player, the PlayFusion Companion App opens the world of TCGs to you, allowing you to search for, sign-up to and participate in Organised Play events all over the world. At these events you’ll be able to check rules, reference the card libraries, manage health totals, view tournament details and find everything else that you need to be equipped with for the best TCG experience.

Once you’ve attended an event, you’ll be able to see live rankings, your digital points earned and compare your results with other tournaments happening worldwide. Those points you’ve earned can be used to get your hands on unique and exclusive rewards in your digital games – from booster packs to card backs to playmats. Not only that, but you can also follow your favourite stores to get updates on when they are running their next events for your TCG of choice.

In short, the PlayFusion Companion App has everything a new and experienced TCG player needs to conquer all tabletop battlefields!

A Store’s Organised Play Management Suite

By creating events using our intuitive tools, players will be able to find, sign-up for and attend your events, while also earning Organised Play points in the process.

Use our full tournament organisation suite to create events, pairings, accurate scoring in an automated and easy-to-manage way.

Manage your store’s presence on both the application and the website of the game you have chosen, making it simple for players to find your store and all the events they offer.

For a full guide on how to create, run and manage your store’s events, please take a look at our PlayFusion Companion App Store Guide

At launch, the PlayFusion Companion App supports the following games:

  • Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions
  • Lightseekers

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