Fist of Winter Event Details

The Fists of Winter event is under way and we’ve prepared a detailed list of the event. During the event you will fight for “Comets”, the silver currency of Hammerhal. Let’s look at how to earn them!


Each week, a new event campaign will be added to the play section. These campaigns differ slightly from the existing weekly campaigns in that you will use preset decks with which you must combat his advance. Each of these campaigns is 3 battles long, apart from the finale which contains 4. Each battle will give you a trove of Comets as payment for your bravery.


Each weekend, a new mission will be available for you to engage with. These missions are themed to the event and will provide you with a staged set of objectives that you have to complete in sequence. Each stage will provide you with a number of Comets to add to your coffers.

Playing Games

You will also earn Comets through winning games in Casual and Ranked – up to your first 5 wins a day. So get in there and start playing!

Spending Comets.

Your Comet balance is shown in the top bar of the app. In the store, scroll down and you will find a list of Playmats, Card Backs and Avatars purchasable either with Comets, or with Gems if you prefer. The customisation items will only be available for the duration of the event. After this, if you haven’t got them, they’re gone.

Ready your blades Champions, the Fists of Winter are here!

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