Onslaught Overview

Onslaught is Coming

Hammerhal, the Twin-Tailed city has long stood between the realms of Fire and Life; a beacon of the God-King Sigmar’s righteous glory. However, in the wake of the Shyish Necroquake dark magic permeates the realms and Hammerhal sits on the brink of war.

In Onslaught, 128 new cards mean that each Grand Alliance will be bolstered with new champions, blessings, units, spells, abilities and now Realm Magic. With the addition of this new set of cards, bold strategies will emerge, and existing tactics will evolve.

The Onslaught has been unleashed in stores and on digital platforms on 30th November 2018, prepare yourselves!

Introducing Realm Magic

Battles in the world of Warhammer Champions take place across Mortal Realms. In Onslaught, the realms that are featured are that of Aqshy, the Realm of Fire and Ghyran, the Realm of Life. The Realm Card is a new type of card that is one of two categories; Spells and Blessings.

Realm Spells and Blessings work in much the same way as normal Spells and Blessings though they can be used by any of the 4 Grand Alliances. Once a player has chosen a realm, they are locked to it and cannot use spells or blessings from any other Realm.

For more information about Realm Magic and on Onslaught, check out our Q&A below. Also be sure to take a look at the cards we have already revealed!

Q&A about Onslaught

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