Savagery Overview

The Bad Moon Rises...

As darkness blankets the Realm of Ghur, the calamitous Bad Moon passes overhead, sowing the seeds of madness wherever it is seen. Even the hardiest of Champions will find their sanity waning in its ominous presence.

Without warning Skragrott the Loonking and his murderous Gloomspite Gitz erupt from the labyrinth-like tunnels that lurk just below the soil, determined to cast this realm into eternal darkness. At the same time Arkhan, Mortarch of Sacraments has set his sights on the Fangz of the Bad Moon, meteoric shards of Loonstone that have embedded themselves deep within the heart of Ghur and deliver those who wield them the ability to draw out arcane energies.

Elsewhere, Alarielle the Everqueen and her loyal Sylvaneth refuse to stand by as another of the Mortal Realm’s great forests fall to the tainted touch of Grandfather Nurgle’s Maggotkin, reigniting a bitter hatred that has spanned the ages.

The Realm of Ghur

The Realm of Ghur is a land built upon untamed savagery, where only the strongest and most unyielding can hope to survive. Lush forests and barren planes stand in stark contrast to one another, though each is just as deadly. Any who find themselves thrust into the perilous Realm of Beasts face a task like no other, for the creatures that dwell within these savage lands know no fear and no master.

Savagery Details

The untamed power of Savagery hits stores on April 5th, and with it brings 152 new cards. The crazed Gloomspite Gitz, the benevolent Sylvaneth and the repugnant Maggotkin of Nurgle are all joining the fray in the violent wilds of Ghur, each with their own unique styles of play and devastating potential. And while the wilderness of Ghur can’t be tamed, they can be wielded; Champions can use the savage Ghur Realm Magic in Savagery.

We can also reveal that for the first time; there will be 7 variations of card art for Festering Nurgling Card!

A whole slew of new Champions, Blessings, Units, Spells, Abilities and now Ghur Realm Magic will temper your tactics and bolster your decks. How will you command the Savagery of Ghur?

Set Breakdown

Savagery contains 152 brand new cards, each with the power to revive old tactics and reveal new ones.

Each physical booster contains 13 cards, with each digital booster containing 5 cards.

The Savagery cards are broken up with the card rarities listed here:

  • 30 Rares
  • 52 Uncommons
  • 70 Commons

These rarity of these cards are shared between the following card types:

  • 36 Champions
  • 38 Units
  • 29 Spells
  • 26 Abilities
  • 29 Blessings

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