Introducing Warband and Savagery

Champions! Have you heard the news?

Alongside our huge Organised Play announcement, we also put out some major news on our massive plans for upcoming card releases. The first of which being our Warband Collectors Pack, due to release on the 8th March 2019! This will be followed by the full new card release for our next set, named Savagery, coming one month later on 5th April.

Warband Collectors Pack

The finale to our epic Hammerhal story, Warband sees the mighty Averon Stormsire and his peerless Cursebreakers meet the Mirrorghast Banshee called the Briar Queen alongside her deadly Thorns in a battle that will determine the fate of Hammerhal itself.

This exclusive card pack includes brand new Champions, Units, Abilities and Spells for Death and Order Grand Alliances.

Want to know more? We will be revealing the powerful new cards in Warband every Wednesday up to the release of Warband on the 8th March. Averon Stormsire’s Cursebreakers or the Briar Queen and her Thorns, which Warband will you champion?

Enter a world of Savagery

We then travel to the Realm of Ghur, a wild and feral land; a violent habitat that may prove to be as much of a foe as its inhabitants. Now with the bad moon passing over, that wilderness has something new to contend with; a new madness…

The lunar-crazed Gloomspite Gitz have emerged! Skragrott the Loonking and his litany of Grots, Troggoths and other…more gargantuan creatures look to plunge the Realm of Ghur into a permanent night.

Alarielle the Everqueen, flanked by her faithful Sylvaneth, stand as the line of defense between the Great Forest of Gorch and the blight of the Maggotkin, who seek to share Grandfather Nurgle’s gifts of corruption with one of the last remaining forests in all of The Mortal Realms.

With 158 new cards, 3 new races, new realm magic and so much more to reveal, we look forward to the raw and unbridled power that Savagery will bring to your decks on 5th April.

Join us next week when we will reveal a little more of the story, as well as more cards! Speaking of which…

We are happy to reveal to you the first two cards of Savagery. Two bitter enemies who are destined to be locked in bloody warfare; presenting Alarielle the Everqueen and Rotigus Rainfather!

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