Landscape and Steam Update

Champions, the time has come!

Landscape is here, and with it the launch of Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions on Steam!

Today is a massive day for Warhammer Champions and we want to thank all of the community for their support. Today’s update brings a whole host of new changes to the game, so let’s go through them!

Landscape Mode

We’ve completely revised the UI of Warhammer Champions to fit Landscape Mode. These changes aren’t just flipping the game on its side; it’s a total rework of the flow, icons, graphics and look of the game. The change to landscape allows us to display information in a cleaner and clearer fashion, and makes navigation a much faster experience. We feel this is a hugely positive step for the game, and something that will allow us to bring a lot more into the Warhammer Champions experience going forward.


And with the release of the landscape version of Warhammer Champions, we are also now live on Steam for PC and Mac! You’ll find our store page here, which you can now install the game free-of-charge and dive right into the game. If you have an existing Warhammer Champions account, be sure to link your accounts together so that you can keep your card collection, your collectibles and your decks! You will also be able to scan new cards into your collection using your attached webcam, meaning the process of scanning cards into your deck is even simpler.

Additional Notes

  • Improved Sound and Music: We have revamped and reworked the audio in Warhammer Champions, adding a number of new audio tracks and really emphasising a lot of the sound effects in the game; we really feel this improves the immersion and enjoyment of Warhammer Champions immensely
  • Action Queueing: You can now play cards in sequence, without waiting for the previous card to complete. This improves the flow of battle and allows for battles to completed with a faster intensity
  • War Chest Campaigns: You can now earn Campaigns from the loot chests and from certain other rewards. This single player content is permanent and can be replayed as much as you want. The rewards you can earn can be reset if you are awarded the campaign a second time
  • Mission rewards have been amended so that some missions only give Gold and some only give Gems with the missions giving an increased value of either in some cases
  • The Gem prices of a number of special Booster packs has been reduced
  • The Level Up chest awarded after level 11 has been amended to give fewer but better rewards

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