Localization Plans 13/03/19

Greetings Champions!

We want to talk to you today about our plans for the local language versions of our game Warhammer Champions. You have been waiting for news from us for quite a while and we apologize for not giving you details sooner.

We have been having detailed and lengthy discussions on the topic and although we can’t share all of the details, we wanted to share the result.

It is our belief that you deserve a perfect game with perfect translation and we don’t want to give you anything less than that. But up to now, we couldn’t deliver a product that fulfilled these requirements for the German version of Warhammer Champions.

Because of this we will only release expansions in English until the end of 2019 and concentrate our efforts on developing the structures to create localized version in French, Italian, German and Spanish with a quality that you the community require. This means also that these versions will be released simultaneously with the English version. In addition to this, we will also put our efforts on delivering best brand-experiences for retailers and players possible, with great releases and easy admin- and reporting-work with our recently released “PlayFusion Companion App”.

Thank you for your support so far, if you have any direct feedback regarding this news please feel free to email us at 

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