Hammerhal, the Twin-Tailed city has long stood between the realms of Fire and Life; a beacon of the God-King Sigmar’s righteous glory. Where once the Ruinous Powers spread their dark influence like a plague across the Mortal Realms, now Sigmar’s chosen warriors force back this scourge with hammer and shield; erecting magnificent Stormkeeps in their wake. The brutality of the environments that house these grand citadels is a testament to the importance of the Realmgates that stand within, for Sigmar is aware that denying the dark gods passage to these gates may finally turn the war in his favour.

Now, Hammerhal finds itself on the brink of collapse. Legions of the dead rise from deep within the urban sprawl, turning its twisting alleys into bloody battlefields. However, that is not all Sigmar’s champions must face, the forces of Chaos and Destruction each with their own desires begin their march upon the walls of Hammerhal, looking to claim the Stormkeep for themselves.

An onslaught is coming…



Weekly Campaigns

Test your mettle in new single-player campaigns that see you taking on some the Mortal Realms most deadly adversaries. These opponents are not for the faint of heart, unleashing units and magic that other Champions could not control. These challenges will cycle on a weekly basis with a new one arriving every Wednesday; taking place over 4 battles with increasing difficulty, Expect a challenge!

New Tutorial

Tutorial games are now presented for new users of the app. These can be skipped if you’d rather learn as you go.

Champions Challenger – The Terror of Hammerhal

Keldrek, Knight of Shrouds and his undead legion will make their presence felt within the walls of Hammerhal. The Necroquake may have passed but the restless dead still trouble the living. Defeat this Challenger to earn yourself an exclusive CardBack. Keldrek will not be haunting Hammerhal forever, so keep your eyes peeled and strike when he makes an appearance.

Improved Deck Builder

You can now select a Card Back and a Playmat to be used with each deck. The Deck Builder now has cards scrolling in a list from side to side, making it easier to drag cards down into your deck.

All gold values have been multiplied by 10

Your balance, all rewards and all costs in the game have been multiplied by 10. This has been done to give us more granularity in costs and rewards for future update.

Bug fixes and changes to the User Interface

The deck selection and mission screens have had their aesthetic improved. A number of in-game animations have been improved so that they work more clearly and in some cases, quickly. Proving ground opponents have been tweaked to make them a little easier to defeat.

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