The Walls of Hammerhal have been breached!

As Aventis Firestrike and his Stormcast Eternals attempt to repeal Lady Olynder’s procession of the dead, the forces of Destruction and Chaos move against the city. Fighting their way across the Ashlands of Aqshy, Skarbrand and The Changling find themselves in an uneasy alliance; the forces of Khorne and Tzeentch rallying to their gods call to reclaim the Stormrift Realmgate, through any means necessary.

Through this realmgate, and Into the heart of the Jade Kingdom, Frostlord Vorgrun Loshar and his Beastclaw Raiders prepare for the most succulent of feasts. Those that dwell within the walls of Hammerhal Ghyra believe themselves to be protected; the fire bastions of Aqshy repealing intruders and forests alike. However, as the Everwinter grows closer even sturdy defences such as these can do little to repel the ogors unending hunger.

With enemies oozing through the cities veins like a toxin; how can the Twin-Tailed City hope to survive?!


Onslaught Cards

The app now supports all ONSLAUGHT cards for both scanning and play. Take your deck building to headier heights and deeper depths with the launch of the Second set of Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions. New Champions, units, abilities and spells are available including the powerful Realm Spells and Blessings to crush your foes. Onslaught cards can be purchased in Booster packs in the store and will also be dropped in loot chests and special boosters, along with existing set 1 cards.

Updated Menu Graphics

The look of the app has been revised further with the layout of certain commonly used pages changing to improve usability and extendability.

New single-player campaigns – The Battle for Hammerhal

4 brutal battles await you! Take on the ferocious forces battling to control the Twin-Tailed City. Glory and rewards await if you are able to master the challenges ahead. And when we say challenges, we’re not joking. Good luck!

Ranked Season 1 ends

Our first ranked play season has ended, and the changes we’ve put in place to test balancing of the destruction cards are now complete. The last change to the stacking rule has now been reverted and stacking will work as it did previously. Ranked season 2 now starts so ready your decks and let battle commence!

Bug fixes and improvements

A number of minor card bugs have been fixed including: Aetherwing Scout, Cloak of Mists and Shadows. The Card collection search function now lets you search by Tag (e.g. Aelf), rarity and card set.

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