Upcoming Patch for Onslaught Weekend Issues

Greetings Champions!

The response we’ve had to the Onslaught release has been tremendous. So much so in fact, that at points over the weekend the servers buckled under the strain, so we’re sorry about that. We’ve had to spin up a number of additional servers to cope with the load, and some obscure card bugs have come to the fore. Thank you for your patience and please accept our apologies if you have experienced any issues. We will be issuing a patch tomorrow morning GMT; see below for the full patch notes. For helping us fill up the servers and exposing these issues, we are going to give everyone that logged in over the weekend an Onslaught booster pack to say thank you; just login at any time to get your pack.

Patch notes:

In addition to stabilising our servers we’ve also been hard at work on the card bug reports that you’ve been making us aware of since launch. Here’s how we’re getting on:

Cards that we have now received fixes and are already live:

  • Moonclan Netter
  • Skarbrand
  • Surround ‘Em
  • Armies of the Dead
  • Gaunt Summoner
  • Wild Allopex Riders

Card that will be fixed in tomorrow’s update:

  • Flesh to Stone

Card issues that have been reported but are working as designed:

  • Skull Throne – Working correctly, it should not rotate on its final corner.
  • Armour of Destiny – Working correctly, it only covers 3 lanes of the battlefield, and does not protect against rend.
  • Keldrek and Frenzied Vargheist – Working correctly given the sequencing of events. Once the card is removed by Frenzied Vargheist, Keldrek’s effect takes place and rotates Frenzied Vargheist back to an (X) corner. (X) means “ignore all text and rotate in the next battlefield phase” and thus the text relating to the gaining of the additional action is no longer in play.

Card issues that require further investigation / information:

  • Frenzied Charge not rotating or providing cards.
  • Knight Azyros not providing rend when disengaged.

If you are experiencing any issues with cards or features of the game please reach out to us through our Discord Channel.

Finally, we know you have all been looking forward to playing both The Battle for Hammerhal Campaign and the new Challenger game “Volturnus”, which were both removed whilst we were resolving our server issues. The patch update will bring both of these back online along with the fix to “Flesh to Stone”, so ready your decks and get back to the Onslaught!

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