Warhammer Champions Organised Play for 2019

2019 has arrived and we are very proud of the growth of Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions. Players from all over the world have charged the fields of  battle with us and with each other. To match the overwhelming support from our players, we are proud to announce that we are going BIG with Organised Play in 2019!

To kick 2019 off, we’re happy to tell you that series 2 of Organised Play Kits are now in stores! The heat of battle is bringing in new Champions all the time and we’re dedicated to supporting the war.

Starting in March, the Blood and Glory Series is coming to stores near you. Drop in anytime and challenge all comers for supremacy to earn special prizes and local glory each month. Stores will receive free tournament packs for prize support, so get out there and win them. Prepare yourself, because the Blood and Glory Series is on the horizon. Click here to find out more about the Blood and Glory Series!

Champions, rejoice! Warhammer Champion Points are coming in March 2019. Destroy your enemies and earn points whilst doing so. Record your victories for official play in stores, conventions and digitally through the official app to earn rewards and glory on the official leaderboards. The more players, the more points on the line; featuring multipliers for each event tier. Click here to find out more about Champion Points!

In addition, pre-release events for upcoming sets are planned throughout 2019. Get early access to new cards for slaughtering your enemies as the war for the Mortal Realms rages on. Be the very first to play and develop new strategies before an official release. With these stakes, take any advantage you can get.

We’re very proud of the growth of Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions throughout 2018 and the support from the community has been amazing. However, the grand campaign to crush your enemies is just beginning. The greatest Champions will once again be called to enter the heat of battle through the Conquest Championship Qualifiers starting on June 1st (EU) and July 1st (US). In this crucible, the greatest among us will rise and dominate the Mortal Realms for an opportunity to win both glory and incredible rewards.

The endless battle will lead to the Conquest Series Finals where an undisputed champion will be crowned in November 2019. The onslaught is just beginning, so stay tuned for additional 2019 Organised Play news and coverage.

To find out more about where Organised Play is played, ask your local hobby shop or use our Store Locator

If you are a new store looking to run events with our Organised Play kits, please register with us

From everyone at PlayFusion, we thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you rise to new heights in 2019.

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