Organised Play Insights – Tournament Notes

Warhammer Fest

Michael played well in the rounds of Swiss winning two and losing the third to Hamish who went into the Top 8 with 3 wins and ended the event in second.

Hamish played brilliantly, bringing a never-before-seen champion line up for the tournament, including Rotigus Rainfather, with the highest win rate of the day, proving he truly is the Papa Nurgle.

There were two players to make it into top 3 with Arkhan decks; Micheal and Ross. However, Michael tailored well against the meta including 2 Lord Executioners to Ross’ 1. Another notable difference in the two decks was that Mike also included the realm of Ghyran to have access to Hypersnare Seed, while Ross’ realm of choice was Ghur. 

Michael reigned supreme as the Lord Executioner of the fest.

City Champions Athena


Varun played well and managed to place first with a unique hybrid deck consisting of Sylvaneth and Aelfs fighting side by side. Jamie, who placed second was also running an Order deck but it was based around Sacred Branchwraith and consistent healing.

Worthy mentions are George with his Arkhan deck and David running a Bloodthirster, Slimux deck finishing in 3rd and 4th respectively.

 In an Order showdown of the year, Varun managed to interrupt Jamie’s healing with Expanse of Ghur in game 1 to take the win. Game two had Jamie fighting back and managed to chip Varun down and take game 2. In the final game of the tournament, Varun chose to add Impenetrable Hide from his sideboard into his deck and took the final game in a nail-biting finish just denying Jamie the healing he desperately needed.

Varun must have truly gained the Blessings of the Forest to take 1st Place.


From Left to right: Jamie Grinstead, Varun Khetapal, David Lester, George Rodger.

UKGE Nationals

Chaos losing out on the top spot for the last two tournaments came back with a vengeance in the nationals. With 3 of top 4 being Chaos and a lone Slythaneth deck Piloted by James made it into 4th.

Mike Pfeiffer with a ‘Fast and Furious’ Rotigus deck managed to dispatch opponents quickly in the Swiss rounds going undefeated for the 5 rounds. 

Jack, the eventual winner, only lost once on his trip to the final to Mike Pfeiffer way back in round one. However, this time he was prepared and managed to overcome his foe in a 2-1 that could rival the best clashes throughout the day rolled into one.

Jack definitely Rejoiced in Slaughter at Nationals.


Back row Left to right: Jack Lambourne, Dominic Elston, Mike Pfeiffer, James Curtis, Adam Binns,
Front row left to right: David Lester, Micheal Kerslake, John Paul Golightly

Fire and Dice Games: City Championships


From the last 3 events, we have had 3 Alliances win with only Destruction not gaining a 1st place finish. Will this be their day? Things looked promising from the faction breakdowns on the day, 5 Chaos, 4 Death, 4 Destruction and 4 Order it could be anyone’s day.

After the dust settled there were 2 Destruction decks in top 4 along with 1 Chaos and 1 Death deck. Interesting decks were played throughout with notable decks coming from Andrew with a beast Destruction deck he named ‘The Pack 2.0’ and Dominic with his Courtier deck taking down Michael’s winning deck from Warhammer Fest.

In the final match of the day between George’s Grots and Craig’s forces of Chaos, one emerged with a close 2-1 victory. George took 1st place giving Destruction the Win, he thanked his main Champion Skragrott, the Loonking and his ‘“secret tech-choice” Kunnin’ Grot Shaman.

I’m sure George will be Loonking forward to his next conquest.


Back row left to right:
Andrew Richards, Tom McCall, Craig Johnson,George Rodger, John Paul Golightly, Chris Richards.
Front row left to right: Mike Kerslake, Dominic Elston


Fan Boy 3: City Championships

As if the cycle is never-ending 4 events since Micheal won with an Archan deck for Death, Dominic won with another death deck. However, this was a Mordant deck that Dominic has been refining over time. This was an all mordant final with John Paul also running Mordant. John Paul has played 4 different decks in as many events and consistently coming in top 8 shows the level of skills on display in this final.

George our last City Championships victor managed to make it all the way to top 4 with Skragrott the Loonking before being overwhelmed with Dominic’s Mordants. Another noteworthy deck was Chris’ Slythaneth deck that made top 8 even with Impenetrable Hide and Expanse of Ghur being ever present during the day. 

With the highest win rate for tournaments so far: 80% I’m sure Dominic was a Supernatural Horror for his opponents on the day.


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