Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions Organised Play

Hail Champions,

Whether your allegiance lies with the gleaming legions of Sigmar descending from Azyr to dispense justice, or the haunting dread and twisted punishments suffered by the Nighthaunt; it is time now to heed the call of competition.

Over the coming days we will be sharing with you the plans for the first phase of Organised Play for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Champions; from the primary tournament format you’ll be engaging in to the awesome prizes available to participating in events. We’ll also be having more details for how stores can get their events listed on the website; to make it easier for people to find places to play!

For now the first series of Organised Play is going to be kicking off this October and will see you battling it out in our Pitched Battle format which introduces some new levels of strategy to allow ample opportunities to outsmart your opponent on the field of battle. Join us later in the week as we explain the ins and outs of that game mode.

Participating in events will also give you an opportunity to pick up cards from our first series of Tournament Boosters. Featuring 12 different cards from across all the Alliances with alternate card treatments and frames; it’s truly a stunning set to collect. For those die-hards there is also the chance that they come in foil, for the ultimate in war trophies.

Check out our social channels over the next few days to see the reveals for all the cards available in the first series of Organised Play Kits.

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