Our Epic Update is Here!

Warband has Arrived!

Averon Stormsire and The Briar Queen’s conflict has erupted into the streets of Cinderfall. The indomitable Cursebreakers lock horns with the vile Thorns, and now you can take part in this epic showdown.

Warband is now available in the digital game! You can purchase the digital version of this premium product in the shop, or if you have the physical versions, scan them into the game. The Stormsires Curse Breakers and the Briar Queen’s Thorns are available for you to command. Two Warband packs are now up for sale for 500 gems each, one for Order and one for Death. Each pack will contain the full set of Warband cards for that Grand Alliance, as well as an Onslaught booster pack and TWO Champions booster packs! You will also be able to craft these cards from the 25th of March.

You can find the physical versions of Warband in your local stores

The Gates to the Arena of Echoes Opens!

Run the gauntlet of our new draft mode: The Arena of Echoes! 

The addition of the Arena of Echoes adds a new form of play to Warhammer AoS: Champions. Draft a deck using a variant of the normal rules. Choose from 2 given alliances, then craft your deck from a random selection of cards (you can even include more than 3 of any action card!) Then, battle through 6 League rounds to gain entry to the prize Gauntlet. If you lose a game, you drop down a League Tier: from Gold to Silver, then Silver to Bronze, lose a Bronze Tier game and your run is over. Then once into the final gauntlet, win 3 more games to better your prize!

All cards, including the newest Warband pack, are included in draft so it’s a great way for newcomers to try out cards!

Those Champions who emerge victorious will win a Gold Champion Chest: this includes Booster Packs, Mighty War Chests, a Mega Chest and a slew of souls. All participants will receive at least one booster pack, so even those who fall early will still earn prizes.

Entry fee is usually 1500 Gold or 150 Gems, but to celebrate the opening of the Arena of Echoes – every user will get one FREE entry! What are you waiting for?!

The Champions Pass is now available!

The Champions Pass is now available to purchase worldwide. For $4.99 / £4.99 / €5.49 you can gain 30 days’ access to a huge array of benefits, including:

Every user that has either purchased Gems or has claimed (not just scanned) a physical card will receive Champion Pass access until the 25th of March. 

Along with the Champions Pass update, we are amending the way certain functions are accessed in the app:

  • The Daily Card will still be available to all users, provided non-Champion Pass players watch a short video first.
  • The Weekly Campaign is still available to all players, with the rewards for levels 2 to 4 available to Champion Pass holders.

Champion Point Rewards

When you battle fellow Champions in events at stores, conventions and other locations using the PlayFusion Companion App, you will earn Champion Points – these points will be automatically redeemed in the digital game for amazing and exclusive rewards!

Players will now be able to grab their rewards for your Champion Points in the digital game. For a full breakdown of Champion Points, how you can earn them and more, check out our full guide here. For a full list of rewards you can earn with you can earn with your Champion Points see below:


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