Patch Notes – 07/05/19

Today our latest patch has gone live, which contains the card changes and updated ranked rewards for Warhammer Champions. The full breakdown of these changes and the reasoning for them can be found here.

  • Skarbrand’s cost has increased from 9 to 11
  • Drycha Hamadreth’s effect now only occurs when 1 or more cards are discarded by an effect controlled by Drycha herself, rather than any effect that the player controls
  • Horticulous Slimux’s effect occurs at the end of the players first turn, rather than at the start of the first turn

We have increased the number of rewards that you get for each stage of ranked, with those who make it to Master getting 12 booster packs instead of 6.

In further news, we have reduced the gem price of booster packs to 75 gems from 100 permanently. We’ve made this change to allow players new and old to improve their decks more easily and be able to be more competitive in constructed play.

These changes are now live. As we mentioned in our previous newspost, we thrive on your feedback – these changes have been made after talking with you through all of our official channels, so please keep feeding back your feelings on these changes; we are listening!


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