You may have noticed just a few changes in the latest update, the team have been working hard with your feedback on UI changes and even a seasonal event. Please see our latest patch notes here:

  • Main menu UI rework – A new Play button with shiny new VFX and a news feed to have everything at a glance
  • News feed “rotator” examples: Random Play Tip, Ranked Play progress at a glance, quest closest to completion, Alliance closest to level-up
  • Ranked matchmaking changes;

Removed “queuing for ranked” status from friends list in order to prevent counter-queuing

Players can now decline Ranked matchmaking twice in a 12-hour window without suffering a loss. After 12 hours the first decline counter is reset.

Confirmation added for declining a Ranked match that it would result in a loss.

  • More achievements added
  • Booster points, AI Challengers defeated, Different AI Challengers defeated
  • Double Gems – every bundle, for the first time that it’s purchased, will contain double the gems!
  • Booster and War Chest re-roll – Spending a tiny amount of gems allows re-rolling the contents of the Booster / Chest. You can re-roll multiple times with the gem cost increasing with each re-roll.
  • Ranked Play changes –
  • Shadow Inversion – Organised Play support. Scan the Organised Play exclusive card to unlock an exclusive card back.
  • “Event Exclusive” card support – Scan it to get a free Booster pack.
  • German card support – DE cards can be scanned into the app but will still appear in English. More news to come on this one!

As always thank you for your continued support, we can’t wait for Set 2 – The Community Team

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