Ranked Play & Community Feedback

Firstly we have a big thank you to all the players that have embarked on their quest to climb the Ranked Leaderboards. We’ve seen thousands of games played over the last couple of weeks, a truly mighty effort.

We’ve been keeping a close eye on Ranked play so far (and the results of community-hosted events), as well as the discussions that have been springing up online and we are aware of the issues surrounding the Grand Alliance: Destruction and its place in the game. So, we’re going to discuss some of the thoughts we have about this, and what we’re going to try and do to explore different solutions.

Last month we made a change to Gordrakk in an effort to minimise the Alliance’s potential of ‘One-Shot Kills’, and decided to not change anything further – as the game was still in its infancy, and we wanted more time for things to develop. Now that time has been given, we are still seeing that Destruction is being played at a very high rate, successfully, in Ranked play. To that end we’re going to be testing out a number of solutions in the digital game during this first season, to see if we can find a happy balance between the Alliances.

None of these changes are going to be permanent at this stage, and will each last 14 days before being reverted, and a new change is made. There will be a total of 3 of these test periods during this Ranked season, and before Ranked Season 2 begins we will determine if any long term change needs to be made. During this time we’re going to be collecting information on how these changes affect the game, and we would like to hear from you and your experiences by contacting us via our official Discord Channel or at


The first test period will see the cards Waaagh! Chanter and Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ removed from the Ranked play card pool for 14 days starting with a client update next week. They will still be usable in casual play (or challenges), and their usage in the physical game will remain unchanged. At the end of the 14 days, they will be returned to usage and the next change will take effect.

The second test period will see the cards Gordrakk, Fist of Gork, Savage Boar Boss, Warboss Recruiter and Loud-Mouthed Megaboss receive an adjustment to their Cost and Health Modifiers for a 14 day period. In this case (due the backend code for the game), these cards will also receive this change in casual play during the test period, though again the usage in the physical game will remain unchanged. At the end of the 14 days, they will have their change reverted and the last test period will begin.

The third test period will see a couple of game rule tweaks. We’re currently looking at how far we would like to go with these, so will have a post outlining them in more detail in the coming weeks.

Again, none of these changes are going to be permanent, and will serve to guide us on whether or not any long term adjustments need to be made. During this time period, every game is important as it will help provide us with the data we need to make these decisions and as mentioned above, we want to get the community’s feedback on this.


Thank you Champions for helping us with monitoring changes you would like to see going forward. We honestly love hearing about your feedback whether this has been in the past, current and future upcoming weeks. In addition to everyone who plays in Ranked mode during the test periods, we will also be granting additional rewards at the end of the season in November.

Happy battling!

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