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Prepare your store for all upcoming Warhammer Champions Content!

We’ve announced a HUGE amount in 2019 and keeping track of all of that is tough – so we’ve created a single reference page for you, to ensure that you can get your stock orders in on time, when the retail release date for those products is and where you can find out all the details you need to run your events and stock your shelves!


Warband is our upcoming content pack that is scheduled for release on 8th March. Focussing on the Order and Death Grand Alliances, the Warband Pack is perfect for collectors, players and newcomers alike!

  • Orders deadline 15th February
  • Retail Release date of March 8th 
  • Continue to order from your distributor in order to bring Warband to your players shortly after!
  • Details of the Warband Pack can be found on our Warband Pack Page.

We also have a full array of images, banners and box artwork for you to use to advertise and promote Warband in your stores. Please find our Warband Media Pack here!


Savagery, the next big set for Warhammer Champions set in the realm of Ghur brings 152 new cards to Warhammer Champions. This major set brings 3 new races to the Mortal Realms, brand new realm magic and 7 variations of one card; The Festering Nurglings!

  • To get Savagery in time for release, please place Distribution Orders by US – 28th February, EU/UK – 4th March
  • Retail release date of 5th April
  • For more detail on the upcoming Savagery set, head to our Savagery Overview page
  • For the Savagery First Strike pre-release event details, please read on!

We also have a full array of images, banners and box artwork for you to use to advertise and promote Savagery in your stores. Please find our Savagery Media Pack here!

Savagery First Strike

Savagery First Strike is your local community’s chance to get their hands on the upcoming Savagery cards before they are released. This is the first EVER First Strike event for Warhammer Champions, and you won’t want your players to miss out on the action!

  • First Strike Event Pack Order Deadline US – 28th February, EU/UK – 4th March
  • First Strike Event will run on 30th/31st March
  • First Strike is run using our new Maelstrom rule format
  • For more details on First Strike and to register your store for our Savagery First Strike head to our First Strike Registration Page.

We also have a full array of images, banners and box artwork for you to use to advertise and promote Savagery First Strike in your stores. You will also find rules and a multitude of other useful resources here. Please find our First Strike Media Pack here!

Blood and Glory

Blood and Glory is our latest addition to our Organised Play offering! Perfect for experienced players and brand new warriors, Blood and Glory brings the dynamic league gameplay to your stores. Bring Blood and Glory to your community and see who emerges top of the pack!

  • Season 0 kit is available for free to stores from March 1st
  • Season 1 kit is available for free to stores from April 1st 
  • Full details of the Blood and Glory rules can be found here

If you have any questions about anything mentioned above, or want help with any other aspect of Warhammer Champions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us!

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