Savagery First Strike Registration

Be among the first stores in the world to bring the next Warhammer Champions set to your local community by registering your store for our pre-release event: Savagery First Strike!

By registering below, you give your local gaming community the opportunity to get a first look at the raw power of Savagery. The Savagery First Strike event will take place over the weekend of the 30th and 31st of March, and all participants will get our first ever promotional First Strike card; Beastly Leap as well as the chance to win an exclusive playmat that will only be available on the First Strike weekend. At the Savagery First Strike event, players will be able to play with the new Savagery cards through a sealed deck tournament. Details on our sealed deck format can be found here.

Our First Strike kit will contain:

  • A FREE booster box for every 12 participating players; to a maximum of 2 booster boxes
  • 24 Rainbow Foil Promotional Beastly Leap Cards for each participant
  • First Strike Poster
  • Exclusive First Strike Playmat for 1st place in Sealed Deck Tournament

Please note that you will need to order Savagery product from your preferred distributor in addition to the First Strike kit. Please see our distributor page for more details on where you can order Savagery product.

Register below to get Savagery First Strike into your store!


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