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Welcome to the PlayFusion Companion App

This guide is designed to get stores setup and ready to create, manage and run events for their local gaming community via the use of the PlayFusion Companion App. You can find an overview of the PlayFusion Companion App and where to get it here.

As a store owner, you can create an account on the chosen game website and then create a new store location so that you can create events and so players can find your store. You could also create your account directly through the app but adding your store is currently only possible through the website so it’s best to start there.

Here we will walk you step-by-step through the entire process of event and account management to ensure that you and your players get the most out of your community.

Account Creation

  • Navigate to: and either choose to create a new account or sign into your existing account if you have one.
    • New accounts need to be verified. An email is sent to the address you signed up with, click the verification link and you’ll be taken back to the website and signed in.
  • While logged into your account, navigate to: and fill in the your required store data.
  • Once you hit the Register button, an email will be sent to PlayFusion who will verify your information and confirm your details.
  • You will then receive an email confirmation that your store has been accepted.
  • Once your store is accepted it will be visible on both the website and the PlayFusion Companion app
  • You are now able to create events at your store
    • This will allow players to “subscribe” to your store and receive updates on events that you create and run, so we encourage you to promote this to your local community as soon as the above process is completed
    • You can now load up the PlayFusion Companion App and begin to create your events

Creating Events

  • On your iOS or Android device search “PlayFusion Companion” in your app store. It’s small, free to download and there are no in-app purchases.
  • Once downloaded, pick your game (Warhammer Champions in this case) and sign in using the account you created on the website.
  • Once logged in you will be shown the HOME page which shows any live events you are running and a button to create events.
  • To create an event just hit the CREATE EVENT button on the home page
  • Under Main Details, you will be able to set your Event Name, Event Cost and an Event Description. For a reference of how this will look when created, take a look at one of the existing events on Official Event List on the website.
    • For Blood and Glory Events:
      • Set the name as “Blood and Glory {YourStoreName}”
      • Set the Event Cost as Free
      • Set the Description as something welcoming, for example: “A monthly league for all players; Newcomers welcome!”
  • Then you will be able to set Timings. Which will allow you to set a start and end date/time. Ensure that for single day tournaments you ensure that you allow enough time for setup beforehand!
    • For Blood and Glory, ensure you set the start and end time to be four weeks apart, as the league is set to run over a 4 week period.
  • Under Play Style, you will be able to limit the number of players that can attend should you choose, in addition to the play style of the event.
    • If you are running a Blood and Glory event, this will be run as a Social Verified event with a recommended maximum of 12 players (though if your gaming community is larger, you can increase this to support more).
      • A Social Verified event will mean that only verified players can earn OP points during and after the event.
      • A “Social Verified” event does not have a set structure. This allows you the freedom to run the event in the format that suits you. Look at our Blood and Glory page for more details.
  • Finally, for your Event’s Options, you can allow people to sign-up right now to the event, or have them show their Companion Apps QR code to an event administrator to sign up
    • For Blood and Glory events:
      • You should allow Self-Signups
      • You should make your event visible
      • You should start it as open to signups
  • Your event is ready to go! Click create event and your event will be live for others to see and for you to promote.

Managing Created Events

  • Once you have created your event, you will be able to view a full suite of options including:
    • A full breakdown of the event details
    • A player list
    • Event Rankings (if applicable)
    • Round Matchings
    • A list of administrative tools
  • On the Event Details page, you will see the status of the event as the player sees it. You can see the dates/times, cost, details and the number of players that have signed up.
  • The Players Page will let you see all of the players that have signed up. If you have enabled self registration, this will be populated with players who have registered. If you have not enabled self registration, then you will need to scan a players QR code to register them, this will be explained later on.
  • For tournaments, the Ranking and Round options will become usable once the Event has begun.
  • Your Administrator Tools will allow you to manage the event itself. From here you can Begin the event once you are ready to, note that this is not tied to the time you have set, so you can begin late or early should that be necessary.
  • You can use a player’s in-app QR code to sign-up new players to your event. This process is very simple and just requires use of your devices camera, there you will want to hover over the player’s QR code on their application. This will add them to the registration list!
  • You can also amend the details of the event or duplicate it. This works well for regularly run events that you hold.
  • You can also add Envoys and Administrators to your event to help with the running and management of your event. Envoys can assist with your events issues and queries, as well as help with scoring,timing and other player issues. Administrators have full access to assist you with the registration and planning of your event, allowing them to edit details and register players. They can also progress an event through its rounds as necessary.
  • Once your event is ready to be run, press begin event. This will close sign-ups for your event, and while you will be able to add players after the fact, please ensure that all of your players are registered before beginning the event!

For Blood and Glory, we recommend leaving your event “open for signups” until it is complete so that players can join mid-league.

Running a Tournament Event

  • Once your tournament has begun, the Companion App will automatically create pairings and rounds for you. Depending on the type of event you have decided to run, this information will vary.
  • For Swiss Tournaments, you will see that you will have a number of rounds that have automatically been created. If you wish, you can always cut the Swiss tournament off early if necessary.
  • By entering each round you will be able to see the full list of games. From here you be able to look at each match and set the results once the match has concluded.
  • During a match, a player can request assistance, which will flag that match up in the Companion app and highlight in red. Matches with conflicting scores are automatically flagged. This assistance could be over rule clarification or deck deliberations. It is up to you and your Envoys on how to resolve these issues.
  • Players enter in their own scores for each game, with Admins and Envoys only stepping in if there is a dispute.Once a winner has been decided for a match, the application will update the rankings and provide ranking points for each player accordingly
  • Once each matchup for the round has been completed, an event admin will need to complete the round. Then, once players are ready, you can begin the next round with full matchings that will automatically appear. This is to allow timings to be managed.
  • Once all rounds of Swiss have been completed, you will be able to see from the rankings option who has won. If you have decided to run an additional single elimination section following your Swiss rounds, then these will automatically be organised for you.

Running Blood and Glory and Other Events

  • Blood and Glory events are run as month long leagues. If you are signed up for Blood and Glory Events, you should have received the required materials to run the event in store.
    • Materials will include prize support, rules, league table and other materials. Please check our Blood and Glory rules document for everything you need to run the event.
  • Blood and Glory events are designed to be run in any format you desire over the month period, which is why the application remains open. For our different suggested formats on how to run Blood and Glory, please check our Blood and Glory page here.
  • Social and Demonstration events are designed to flexible in how they operate and are designed to be aimed at specific audiences. For example, a Demonstration Event should be aimed towards players looking to learn the game, so you should advertise it as such. Social Events should also be something that all players can enjoy.

Post-Event Management

  • Once your event has finished, your event’s status will change to complete. Players will be able to look at their rank, and will also have Organised Play Points assigned to them based on their results
  • If players enjoyed your event, you should encourage them to follow your store to get a notification when you run your next event through the PlayFusion Companion App
  • If you would like to run your event again, head to the administrator page and select Duplicate event. This will allow you to create the same event again with the same details – ensure you change the relevant details like the date to fit your next event!

This covers all aspects of creating, managing and running events using the PlayFusion Companion App. If you have any questions about any of our Organised Play Events, please take a look at the Organised Play section of our website, or get in contact with us at

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