The full digital release of savagery has finally arrived. With 152 brand new cards to add to decks, Warhammer Champions will be shaken up forever.

To celebrate we are reducing the gem cost of ALL set boosters by 25% for two weeks. Not only that, but Arena of Echoes has dropped from 150 to 100; which will now be filled with all of the new Savagery cards! What are you waiting for?!

For those who previously purchased the Savagery pre-order promotion, we’re taking special care of you so the deal was even more awesome. When you open your pre-order, you’ll get an extra 10 boosters – a total of 35 for your 2000 gems, which is 31% more booster packs than buying packs at the lower 75 gem price! But please remember that you will not be able to craft the new cards until the 22nd April.

And we have more, because of course we do! We think that the artwork for Savagery is some of the best we’ve seen, and we wanted to share it with you guys in the form of 4 brand new playmats, craft them in the collectables store and add some flair to your dominance!

We’ve also made a number of very minor bug fixes and clarification erratas to the wording of cards specifying that an effect is activated when discarding from an effect that you control, the cards affected by the clarification errata are:

  • Drycha Hamadreth
  • Slobbering Beast of Nurgle
  • Zombie Horde
  • Incensed Thundertusk
  • Flowering Dryad
  • Merciless Tree Revenants
  • Screeching Spite-Revenant
  • Bellowing Voice
  • Hallucinogenic Fungus Brew
  • Great Maw Talisman
  • Vengeful Treelord
  • Goddess of Life
  • Verdant Strike

In addition to this, Sacred Branchwraith has had an errata that changes its cost from 4 to 7. 

We’re excited to see what Savagery brings to your games and your decks, so let us know your highlights on Discord, Facebook and Twitter!




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