Skarbrand and Stacking Changes

Greetings Champions!

From community feedback and testing we have decided to implement some changes moving forward.

The changes we’re making are as follows:

  • Skarbrand – His passive will now only be in effect when he’s at 10 or less health (as opposed to 15).
  • Stacking – You can now only play Stacking Units on top of other Stacking Units. (Same as the last test we did before Set 2 came out.)
  • Moonclan Netter – As a result of the Stacking change, we also need to change Moonclan Netter to work with stacking Units. So he is getting the following errata: Gain X health. Treat this as a stack of 2 Units for *Stacking* and [Support]. *Stacking* Units can be [Deployed] onto this Unit.

Why are we doing this?

From the testing we made in the digital game a couple of months leading up to Onslaught’s release gave us a lot of useful data. We were looking at a variety of stats during these six weeks, such as:

  • Win rates across different tiers of ranked play.
  • Individual matchups and how they changed from week to week.
  • How players moved between what decks they were playing, and what impacts that had.

By far, the healthiest change we saw was the rule change regarding Stacking Units only being able to be deployed onto other Stacking Units, both regarding win rates in different tiers as well as deck variety.

However, with Set 2 coming out, we wanted to continue investigations in regards to how that changed the game.

Set 2 also came with Skarbrand, a card that received much attention from early on. Since the release, we have been tracking the evolution of performance between the various Alliances and deck compositions.

Over time, we have seen the win rates of Skarbrand decks slowly creep up, and the number of players running these decks proportionally grow compared to other Alliances and Chaos decks.

The number of decks that include Skarbrand has grown dramatically over this period (beyond where we’d like it)

So, we have decided to make an errata to Skarbrand, and also, at the same time, enable the rule that we tested late last year: Stacking Units can only be deployed on top of other Stacking Units.

We believe that both of these changes will improve the health of the game,  These are due to go live on Monday, February 4th and the rule document will be updated accordingly. This change will affect physical and digital play.

We greatly appreciate your collaboration from previous tests and can’t wait to see the community evolve with the addition of Warbands and Savagery.

If you are experiencing any issues or features within the game, please reach out to us on


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