The Fists of Winter charge towards Hammerhal!

The Frostlord Vorgrun Loshar and his Raiders of the Sovanheng Alfrostun have descended upon Hammerhal!

They are a living storm, The Fists of Winter; fearsome Ogors who live for the hunt. Their constant desire is for nothing more than to sate their never-ending hunger. Wherever they ride the land is reduced to nothing more than an ice-covered wasteland. In their wake comes The Everwinter, their constant companion, an unforgiving storm that snaps at the Beastclaw Raiders’ heels with mighty fangs of cold. A storm so perilous it ravages all that it touches, leaving the newly blasted lands prime for the taking. However, the Alfrostuns may never truly find respite from their endless hunt, lest they risk being frozen in place, for all time.

Ahead of the nomadic tribe lies a meal the likes of which Vorgrun Loshar has never seen before, Hammerhal Ghyra, ripe for the picking. As the Frostlord sets his sight upon the banquet, he knows what must be done. He will drive his warriors like a spear, deep into the heart of the thriving city, impaling it like the most succulent of boars, and in doing so present a feast so delicious, that even Gorkamorka will have no choice but to deliver them his blessing.

The Fists of Winter have come for Hammerhal!


The Fists of Winter event

The Fists of Winter event is upon us! Comets, the tender of the twin-tailed city, can be earned and spent on unique and exclusive items over the next four weeks. Charge into the fray Champions, and fight for Winter’s spoils!

The Everwinter Campaigns

The Frostlord Vorgrun Loshar commences his assault on Hammerhal; you must stop his relentless advance! This all-new campaign includes a total of 4 linked stages, with bloody battles awaiting within. Every week a new stage will unlock and will be available until the event ends in January. Take decks with cards created exclusively for this campaign, and repel the Frostlord and his forces!

Tiered Missions

And we’re bringing even more to this update! Over the next 4 weekends, you will be able to collect Comets though our newest set of tiered missions; beating one will unlock the next tougher challenge! The more you complete, the greater the reward!

New Playmats, Card Backs and Avatars.

All new Playmats, Card Back and Avatars will be available for a limited time only during this event, get them while you can!

Minor fixes

Finally, we have fixed a number of different animation issues, card highlighting issues and also put forward a number of other minor improvements.

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