The Future Direction of Warhammer Champions

We’re making some pretty big changes to both the Digital and Physical parts of Warhammer Champions!

One year after the initial launch of Warhammer Champions has had us reflecting; what a year! Warhammer Champions has been released on four different platforms, three card sets, two collectors packs, and all manner of new game modes, features and so much more. These have all led to the digital game growing hugely, with player numbers increasing month on month. The competitive nature of the digital game has been growing too, with ranked play being the most commonly played mode, which is something we want to foster as passionate players ourselves.

Due to this, we are focussing our efforts on bringing the digital game to more people, and we’re happy to announce that we will be running Digital Events starting in Autumn. These events will run alongside ranked seasons and offer new ways for players to compete at the highest level for exclusive prizes! We will be revealing more details about this exciting addition to the digital game soon.

Physical play has also seen a huge overhaul as we’ve brought Warhammer Champions to events like UK Games Expo, Adepticon and soon to be at GenCon. The new Pizza and Play and casual focussed events have also seen growing attendances worldwide and have made physical play a much more accessible prospect in recent months. We want to support this way to play further by having more casually focussed physical events, such as store tours and demos to build on this foundation even further!

Casual Play is a new direction for the physical game, and one we didn’t anticipate when we began, but one we want to embrace. We are now bringing a new game-in-a-box product to retail storefronts worldwide in the Holiday period. This will contain everything a new Champion needs to play Warhammer Champions, such as set campaign decks, playmats and more!

Next up – Warhammer Champions Set 4 – Unleashed.

We have spent the last year releasing various physical and digital sets and products and listening very carefully to the feedback you guys have been giving us. We’re in the unique position of having a digital version of the game that aims to mirror the physical so you can instantly swap between them with minimal changes. This is a great strength but one that gets watered down if we have to make any changes to cards after they have been printed physically. As you can imagine, seeing a change that should and could be made digitally but isn’t for the sake of the physical game is not a great feeling and one we want to avoid in the future.

To that end, we are going to release Set 4 digitally first and then follow up with the physical version later in the year. All cards and sets we produce are carefully designed, tested and balanced but there is simply no substitute for watching and learning from the myriad ways our players use and interact with the cards, making decks and utilising synergies we didn’t predict. Releasing digitally first means that we get to see all these plays, watch all the data and see the win rates of certain cards and decks. We will then be making changes as needed based on all this data prior to hitting the button on a new print run so the next physical set is as good as it can be.

Thank you all for supporting Warhammer Champions and we can’t wait to see what you think of Unleashed when it lands on August 19th!

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