Unleashed is OUT NOW!

The fog of war has shrouded the once crystalline clarity of the Hysh, Realm of Light. The hedonistic temptations brought forth by Slaanesh causing swirling confusion and awakening of long repressed desires. But the Daughters of Khaine stand ready to hold of both the blade and beauty of the enraptured follows of Slaanesh.

Unleashed is here!! And with it comes a ton of new features and mechanics to Warhammer Champions.

With 188 new cards with all new features and mechanics, Unleashed will bring ultimate power to your decks. You can Purge cards from play, removing them COMPLETELY from the game. Or use new Death Acts allowing units in the discard pile to use actions from beyond the grave! You can find out more details on our Unleashed Overview Page here.

You will also be able to experience the power of Unleashed in new campaigns that will be released every week, featuring the major Champions in Unleashed, starting this Wednesday!

Unleashed is out now on all digital platforms, so grab some booster packs today and see what the new cards can bring to your game!


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