Upcoming Features and Changes

Champions! We want to share with you some of the new features and changes that we are bringing to Warhammer Champions starting on March 11th.

New Game Mode: The Arena of Echoes

The Arena of Echoes, where souls of the forgotten have come to test their skill. Phantoms of the past, each cast in a role that was never their own. Now, these forgotten warriors are forced to recreate the greatest battles of the Mortal Realms, for the amusement of the Supreme Lord of the Undead, Nagash.

On March 11th, The Arena of Echoes, our new Draft Mode, is coming to Warhammer Champions. Choose a Grand Alliance, tactically draft your deck from a selection of card choices and take on Champions around the world! Do you have what it takes to emerge undefeated and take all the spoils? Look out for more information on this exciting new game mode and rewards soon!

To celebrate the launch of The Arena of Echoes, all Champions will get one free entry key, which can be redeemed anytime. So be sure to check out The Arena of Echoes when it launches on March 11th!

Introducing the Champions Pass

The new Champions Pass is the must-have upgrade for any serious player like you. A 30-day pass gives you access to a huge array of great value benefits:

The Champions Pass will cost US $4.99 / CAD $6.99 / GBP £4.99 / EUR €5.49 / local equivalents.

Existing Players can get a free 2-week Champions Pass!

To celebrate the launch of the Champions Pass, and to thank our loyal players who have been with us since the start, we’re giving away some free Champions Pass access. Any account that has ever claimed a card, or purchased gems when Champions Pass launches will get 2 weeks of free access.

Supporting the future development of the game

Since launch last September, we’ve been building Warhammer Champions towards the game we know it can be. This takes time, effort and resources – and we’re starting to get there, The Arena of Echoes is proof of the continuation of that mindset. We have a lot (and we mean a LOT) more planned for Warhammer Champions, and want to make sure we can support those ambitions in the future: we love Champions and want to see it thrive. So, we have made some changes that will allow us to further develop & invest in the game.

Changes to new card sets

We’re making a slight tweak to crafting cards from new sets. You’ll still be able to purchase packs with gems and gold, but players will need to wait two weeks before these new cards can be crafted. Physical cards can still be claimed, and you will still be able to get new cards through the daily card, war chests and through new Arena of Echoes rewards.

Special collector packs such as Warbands will only be available via gems, claiming physical cards and after two weeks of the digital launch for crafting.

Optional Videos

Players on mobile devices will soon have the extra option to re-roll boosters and chests by watching a video instead of paying gems. These videos will help support the game further, but also provide an alternative for players to re-roll their drops instead of paying gems. These changes will also be applied to the Daily Card drop, which can also be obtained through watching a video or via a small gem purchase.

Changes to Weekly Campaigns

We are making some changes to how the Weekly Campaign rewards will work. Players will still be able to play through all stages of Weekly Campaigns, however campaign rewards after Stage one will only be awarded to players with the new Champions Pass. If you get a Champions Pass after completing some or all stages of the Weekly Campaign, you’ll automatically be awarded the relevant rewards in your inventory.

And that’s everything. It’s a lot, we know, but we’ve tried to make the best possible choices for the future success of Champions. Now you’re up to date, we want to hear from you. Let us know your thoughts and what you’re looking forward to in our Discord, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit channels.

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