Upcoming Update #1: Warband 3 Reveals and Order Changes

Welcome to the new year. Champions!

In case you missed out on our recent news (which you can find here), we are making some changes to the digital version of Warhammer Champions. Dozens of balance changes as well as a brand new Warband pack featuring the Seraphon,

So over the coming weeks we will be going Alliance by Alliance and detailing some of the balance changes we are planning to make to the digital game. Today we will be looking at some changes to Order. Please bear in mind that these are not all of the changes, and we will also be looking at further feedback from you all to inform further changes.

Please find some of the Order Changes below:

  • Alarielle the Everqueen – The last two Quest Objectives are now Unit and Damage, instead of Ability and Unit.
  • Aspect of the Sea – Cost has been reduced to 10, from 11.
  • Aventis, Magister of Hammerhal – Cost has been reduced to 9, from 10.
  • Celestant-Prime – Cost has been reduced to 10, from 12.
  • Deathly Descent – Now deals damage equal to the number of disengaged enemy Champions before it Removes.
  • Devotee of Khaine – First corner has been removed.
  • Evocator-Prime – Cost has been reduced to 4, from 5.
  • Knight-Incantor – Health modifier has been increased to 1, from -1.
  • Morathi, High Oracle – The second Quest Objective is now an Ability.
  • Mutilating Witch – Corners are now o/2/2 (instead of X/o/2/3).
  • Prison of the Gods – Now has a minimum heal amount of 4.
  • Spiteful Branchwych – Health modifier has been increased to 0, from -1.
  • Towering Treelord Ancient – Cost has been reduced to 9, from 10.
  • Zealous Witch Hag – Quest Objectives two and four have swapped places. Cost has been reduced to 4, from 5. Health modifier has been increased to 0, from -1.

We also have some more Warband 3: Seraphon cards to show, below you’ll find the two cards we revealed last month in Lord Kroak and Vicious Cold One Rider, and joining them two NEW cards: the devastating Wrath of the Seraphon Blessing and the UNIQUE Summon Seraphon spell – giving Champions the ability to control both your own hand AND your opponents!





















We’re excited to see where these changes take Warhammer Champions, and as always, you can discuss these changes in our Discord community here!

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