The Necroquake

The Necroquake surges on, an unstoppable force tearing through the Mortal Realms; while in its wake something evil has returned to the lands of the living. Clash against Lady Olynder and her legions of Nighthaunts, recover lost treasures and throw yourself into bloody combat to grow your wealth of souls.

Play Champions between 31st October and 16th November and bring glory to the gods by participating in the community goal to earn souls and exclusive, time-limited Necroquake loot.

Few could have foreseen what would follow in the explosive aftermath of the Shyish Necroquake; spirits of the dead drawn back to their mortal remains as little more than twisted husks of what they once were. For each one of these tormented spirits that rise, the legions of the Lord of Undeath swell even further. In this one act, Nagash has staked his claim upon every Mortal Realm and every soul that toiled therein.

The bonds of death are broken!


New Features

Necroquake community goal

For the duration of the Necroquake, the forces of the eight realms will battle together using the power of the Necroquake to their advantage. The more battles that are fought, the greater the rewards that will be bestowed.

To participate in the Necroquake community goal, simply log in and fight battles to claim spirits. The more spirits that the community claims, the more Souls will be awarded every day. If the community manages to reclaim enough spirits, everyone who participated will be awarded a Necroquake Booster pack.

Necroquake Loot

There are a number of additional playmats, avatars and card backs to earn. These are found in Necroquake War Chests which are gained by levelling up or can be purchased from the shop.

Lady Olynder has risen

The Mortarch of Grief enters the fray. With shock and terror, she takes to the battlefield, her undead legions challenging all who stand against them. Presented as a Challenger game, Lady Olynder is a threat not to be taken lightly. Those skilled enough to defeat her will earn an exclusive card back.

Ranked play

As part of our continued testing of changes to Destruction in Ranked play, the cost and health of some Destruction Champions have been altered. We’ve decided to push this out across all play modes to avoid the need to create similar versions of the same deck. These changes are as follows.

As mentioned in our previous post, the restriction on the use of “Waaagh! Chanter” and Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ has now been lifted.

Daily card rewards

Every day you log in to the app you can claim a new card. Every fifth card that you claim will be a guaranteed rare! You’ll also be able to see the card you’ll receive the next day, which you can claim early for a small Gem fee.

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