Warband is Coming!

Fearing what terrors this new enemy may unleash upon The Realms, the God-King Sigmar threw open the gates to The Sacrosanct Chamber and called forth those most attuned to the magic of the Realms.

Now Averon Stormsire and his fearless Cursebreakers hunt the Legions of Nagash, casting any that they find into oblivion. However, these brave warriors may have met their equal in the Briar Queen and her Thorns, a Chainrasp Horde fuelled by the need to harvest the souls of the living.

Peer into the future and battle against the cards held within the upcoming Warband Pack in these two brand new campaigns. Take on Averon Stormsire’s and his noble Cursebreakers followed by The Briar Queen and her deadly Thorns in our latest, deadly update. The Warbands of Order and Death are primed and ready to repel your forces; do you have what it takes to withstand the Warband?

To find out more about the power contained within the Warband Pack, take a look at our overview here.

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