Warhammer Champions Update – Dec 2019

Hi Champions,

We have some updates on Warhammer Champions coming, and now we are in a place where we can share them with you. The first thing we want to talk about is Unleashed physical cards. After much deliberation, we have made the tough decision to discontinue production of Unleashed physical cards. We are looking to decouple the digital and physical games into their own separate entities. 

By decoupling the physical and the digital games, we are able to update and adapt the digital version of Warhammer Champions on a more routine basis. What does this mean exactly? Well, it means we can retroactively adjust balancing issues and make card changes without affecting the gameplay of the physical game. As an example; in our next large release, we will be making balance changes to 80+ cards digitally – this will be implemented in our next big update in a couple of weeks time (so early 2020).

It also means we are free to try out new ways to bring cards into the game, as you’ll see in this month’s issue of White Dwarf, as well as the potential for more frequent digital card additions.  So be sure to pick up your copy of the new Grombrindal card this month.

You will still be able to purchase physical cards through us and our various distributors as listed on our website. These cards will still be scannable and will still give you rewards for playing with scanned physical cards. We will also be maintaining our existing Organised Play app, as well as support for any Organised Play events that players wish to run.

Finally, we are now hard at work developing the latest installment into our Warband sets; and while this one will be digital-only, we are excited to let you know that this is to be focused around the classic and titanic struggle between Order and Chaos. We can now reveal the first few cards for the new Order Warband, featuring the new race: The Seraphon














Warband 3: Seraphon will be available late January 2020, so look forward to more reveals over the holiday period!

We hope you’re looking forward to these changes, and as always you’ll be able to reach us on or on our Discord Channel here. 

The PlayFusion Team

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