Nintendo Switch – Warhammer Champions arrives!

The day is finally here; true tactical TCG gameplay has hit consoles as Warhammer Champions is out now on Nintendo Switch. Supporting true cross-play with the Steam and Mobile versions of Warhammer Champions; there’s battles to be had right now! Not only that but you can link your existing Warhammer Champions accounts together, so you can continue building your big decks and keep all of your progress. Please note that gem currencies will not carry over to the Switch version – though anything you buy will carry over to linked accounts!

For a quick guide on how to link your accounts, we’ve made a quick video for you. 

The Nintendo Switch version of Warhammer Champions also has joycon and docking support, so you can play on the big screen from the comfort of your own home; so why not pop your feet up and play? You can also play using the Nintendo Switch touchscreen, which you can use to drag and play cards in all of our modes, including the brand new Realm Trials!

So grab a game and go Champions, the Nintendo Switch awaits!

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